Case Study: How We Elevated Quality Control for a Global Toy and Collectibles Brand

December 13, 2023
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Case Study: How We Elevated Quality Control For A Global Toy and Collectibles Brand

Bureau Veritas partners with a prominent company in the collectibles and toys sector to address their critical challenges in quality control processes. The client, experiencing rapid business growth, required a reliable partner to ensure timely shipments, manage increasing inspection volumes and more. We stepped in to fill this critical role, demonstrating exceptional service and technical know-how.

Client Overview:

Industry: Collectibles and Toys

Headquarters: US

With suppliers based in Asia

The Challenges

  • Limited Inspection Capacity
    Our client struggled with manpower planning and effective quality control implementation, especially during peak seasons and the pandemic. It led to delays in product shipments, impacting their ability to meet market demands efficiently. They needed a robust system to manage and execute quality inspections because it was critical for them to avoid the capacity bottlenecks.
  • Complex Technical Requirements and Reporting Alignment
    One of the primary challenges our client faced was identifying a third-party inspection partner equipped with the advanced technical expertise necessary to meet their sophisticated needs. As their product diversity and market footprint expanded, so did the complexity and specificity of their inspection and reporting demands. The client required a partner who could not only grasp their detailed inspection processes but also actively contribute to and align with these evolving requirements. 
  • Capacity for Urgent Inspection Requests
    With rapid business growth, the client frequently faced urgent inspection needs. Previously, their ability to respond to these urgent needs was limited, often leading to a reduced capacity to respond to market demands. The client's challenge was to find a quality control partner who could efficiently address and prioritize urgent requests, thereby maintaining supply chain continuity and market responsiveness. 

Our Solutions and Value-Added Services

  • We developed a new inspection matrix for our client to improvement efficiency and save cost.
  • We commit to focus on meeting client’s schedule with robust capacity and operational excellence.
  • We foster a deep understanding of our client's technical needs so we can deliver high-quality, aligned services for now and the future.
  • We believe in timely communication and thorough vendor coordination in supply chain quality management.
  • InSpec by BV as a digital tool to empower and streamline inspection and audit services.

Our regular QC program review with our client heavily focus on their KPI including failure rate, pending rate, defect report, improvement plan and so on. Together, we have achieved over 1.4% of reduction in failure rate over a short period of time while streamlined the coordination and management process.

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